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Movement & Rehabilitation

If injury or pain, tight muscles or stiff joints are preventing you from getting through the day, Dave's approach to gentle prescribed movement will repair, rejuvenate and restore your body to take on any workout, any errand and any activities the day requires.

Dave is a certified Functional Range Conditioning® Mobility & Functional Range Assessment® Specialist - a system developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo Spina.

This comprehensive joint training system is based on scientific research to optimise and enhance the body's joints. The system has three main interrelated goals:

Mobility development | Joint strength | Body control

Whether you're battling a sore-back driving a car or training in an elite sport, pain and injuries can set us back, both physically and mentally. Dave works to avoid injuries from the outset, and rehabilitate the injuries we're living with.

This is the training system you never knew you needed.

Addressing the cause

With Dave's wealth of knowledge you can gain so much from a one hour session. Dave has an arsenal of tactics he uses to target a weakness you are working on or hone a skill to perfection. Dave understands the root cause of any biomechanical issues and looks to address those rather than the symptoms. Dave is the most positive person in the gym when I arrive each week. He is relentlessly encouraging knowing the goals I want to achieve.

Terrence Hayes

'Old' no-more

I came to get some help from Dave 3 months ago after years of running, cycling and a physical job as a farmer. I'd been trying to manage a challenging lower back for over 12 years and was feeling like at 64 my physical capabilities were closing in on me rapidly. Working with Dave, who always listens, is patient and positive, has taught me how to nurture my body through creating a fuller range of motion, especially in my spine and hips, but more importantly to have confidence in my body again. I haven't felt this young for many years! 

Wendy Coup

Regaining movement

I’ve been working with Dave on movement for 18 months and have found the results a revelation.  Before Dave (BD), for 30 years I managed back pain with a somewhat constrained physical activity, anti inflammatories and frustrating periods of inactivity.  After working with Dave (AD), I have absolute confidence in undertaking all forms of activity and am ticking off goals one by one.  The man knows his stuff and delivers it enthusiastically with humour and understanding.

Mike Beadle

Functional Range Conditioning® Package

-       Three 1-hour consultations across 3 weeks

-       Goal setting and pain-points

-       Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)® system overview

-       Comprehensive Functional Range Assessment (FRA)® full body analysis

-       Thorough training in Controlled Articular Rotation’s (CARs)

-       Prescribed training inputs (FRC®) to suit the individual based on the FRA® assessment

-       Access to video suite of CARs

-       Open-communication during the programme for feedback

When I first met Dave I had constant pain in my right glute, a left knee that would swell up after exercise and numerous other niggles. I just thought this was how it was for me. Dave has worked with me through these injuries, his patience and understanding of how I tick making him my first point of call whenever I have a niggle. 

Ruth Robinson, Client