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Meet Dave

Sport, in all its forms, has always been a part of Dave's life. And at every stage, he's wanted to be better, stronger, faster. To achieve that, Dave learnt that discipline, movement and lifestyle were key - and that's what he shares with his clients as a movement specialist and trainer.

Today, as a husband, father and team mate, Dave shares his passion for a healthy lifestyle. From cold showers and protein-rich salads, to walks with the family and watching the ABs, Black Caps or NFL (at any hour of the day), keeping active, staying healthy, and loving life is part of Dave's ethos.

Dave has learnt the hard way playing sport at a high-level and forcing traditional training methods on a body that wasn't cut-out for it. He’s had his fair share of injuries with broken legs, a ruptured achilles and two knee-reconstructions. Not willing to say goodbye to sport altogether, and determined to still be able to run around with his kids for years to come, Dave stumbled across Functional Range Conditioning® when desperate for some respite. Today, having adopted the system thoroughly in his own lifestyle – Dave has completely changed the way he trains and looks after his body and has never felt better, or had greater results.

Based at Fastlane Fitness in Hamilton, Dave enjoys challenging his clients and helping them make sustainable lifestyle changes and sharing in the success of every goal they reach. 

Dave can see the best possible outcome for every athlete. He can see the
amazing results they are capable of achieving but understands the work it
will take to get there.

Terrence Hayes

A lifestyle of health and wellbeing

Areas of expertise

Dave's holistic approach to training is reflected in the range of programmes and industry offerings he provides:

>>  Movement and training

>> Functional Range Conditioning® 

>>  Injury rehabilitation

>>  Corporate wellness workshops

>>  Corporate group sessions

>>  Trainer development

I love my training sessions with Dave.  I always come away feeling rejuvenated in both mind and body. Dave is always so positive and patient, helping me to keep on track with my goals and never letting any barriers get in the way.

Ruth Robinson, Client