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Corporate training and wellbeing

Challenge your workmates. Challenge your team. Challenge your competition!

Corporate training just got a whole lot more fun. Catering for a variety of fitness levels, Dave offers corporate training sessions, bootcamps, challenges and workshops.

Team camaraderie comes to the fore in Dave's sessions and the results speak for themselves. Improved team culture and increased productivity - staff wellbeing has never been better.

The corporate training sessions are great for team building; they get everyone out of the office working together and also competing against one and other. The team really enjoy it and it’s an additional wellbeing benefit we can provide to the staff which is money well spent each week.

Jaden Hatwell, Frank Risk Management

Corporate Group Sessions

Staff wellbeing - it's never been more important and, as research shows, there are plenty of benefits to having a fit, healthy and energised team. 

Dave's corporate group training sessions have been designed with the fun factor in mind. Every session will challenge your team, motivate them, and contribute to the greater overall health and wellbeing of your staff.

Ready to invest further in your staff wellbeing? 


Corporate group sessions in the gym
(up to 10 in a group)


Outdoor and/or off-site larger group training
sessions (10+ people)


Movement sessions with Functional Range Conditioning®


Corporate challenges and in-house competitions

Corporate Wellness Workshops

Are you looking for ways to enhance your staff wellbeing? Perhaps you're planning to incorporate greater health initiatives into your workplace? Maybe you're devising a new employee wellbeing benefit.

Upfront and honest, Dave tells his clients there's no magic potion or secret shortcut when it comes to achieving your goals. Instead, subtle changes in lifestyle, both at home and at work, contribute to greater overall health and wellbeing. 

In his Corporate Wellness Workshops, Dave discusses the changes that can be made to help empower your staff to become the best versions of themselves.


Simple lifestyle changes and sustainable habits for greater wellbeing


Sleep hygiene


Balanced nutrition


The importance of movement


Balancing the work vs home challenge


Exploration of tools such as breathing, cold water therapy, Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) and stress management

Our corporate training sessions with Dave are good for the soul and help with the work stress. Lots of us need that bit of motivation nowadays to keep us moving.

Stephanus Meyer, Blue Wallace Surveyors