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Dave McLean Training | It’s a lifestyle

From strength and conditioning, weight loss and nutrition to recovery and rehabilitation, movement specialist and trainer Dave McLean provides you with the tools to achieve better day-to-day living and enhanced performance.

The modern human lifestyle is so out of touch with our hunter-gatherer origins meaning dysfunction and injury is inevitable. Working with the joint training system Functional Range Conditioning®, Dave works with you to enable pain-free living and unlock athletic potential.

Holistic in his outlook, Dave ensures every morning routine, every workout, every match and every rest day has a greater purpose, contributing to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you.

With Dave, it’s more than just a workout, it’s a lifestyle.

Train with Dave

Make your approach to fitness, health and wellbeing a lifestyle choice. 

Our corporate training sessions with Dave have been awesome for our team. It's been great to do something outside of work together on a regular basis and has really helped grow our culture. Dave is awesome to work with and extremely personable. He tailors the workout to suit individual needs and makes the sessions really enjoyable.

Peter Harris, Maisey Harris & Co

About Dave

An experienced trainer and movement specialist, Dave has built a successful career in the fitness industry through a combination of hard work, dedication and a passion for creating healthy lifestyles. 

First-hand experience playing team sports, battling injury, competing in national championships, and keeping active has enabled Dave to create a balanced approach to the training sessions he offers clients and corporates.

Training the trainer

In the fitness industry, Dave has found not just a career, but a lifestyle he loves, and one he enjoys encouraging other trainers to experience. Building on his knowledge of more than a decade in the industry, Dave teaches others how they can succeed and make a real difference for their clients.

Dave's 'training the trainer' sessions are designed to mentor, motivate and educate in order to achieve client retention and results. Suitable for trainers new to the industry or those wanting to refresh their business.